Persuasive Presentations

Consider this.

You are a businessman pitching your services to a very important potential customer and have been asked to make a 30 minute presentation to the client COO. This presentation could make a huge difference to your company or business unit. You are wondering what your slides should contain and how they should flow.

You are an entrepreneur and your business now requires funding to scale to the next level. You have to make a pitch to a number of potential investors. You have a general idea of what the pitch should contain, but given how important this pitch is, you are under pressure to get this presentation right.

You work at the software Offshore Development Centre of a large multinational bank. Your business unit head is visiting your office in India and he will see you and your team for 30 minutes. This could be your great opportunity to make an impact. You think it would be appropriate to anchor the discussion around a ppt, but could use some help to pull the slides together.

You are a business unit head at a large organization and are very frustrated with the inability of your direct reports to create a coherent presentation – whether it is to report status, present a business case for new investment, or a simple communication for change in an important process. You need some help to coach the team on making more effective presentations.

If any of this sounds familiar, the Elevo Consulting Persuasive Presentations workshop will help you get the best out of these important opportunities.

This workshop is unlike any other on this topic, and is the only one of its kind available in India. It is delivered by an expert who has coached hundreds of senior managers on how to think through and articulate a successful pitch. The approach is based on the powerful, yet little known principles followed by the world’s top consulting companies like McKinsey. Now you can learn this method and transform your presentations into highly persuasive stories.


The two day workshop is limited to a small group, and includes several real examples from the participants’ business scenarios. It is ideal for:

  • Businessmen who need to make pitches to sell their products & services
  • Entrepreneurs seeking funding from investors
  • Corporate executives who need to articulate business cases to sell an idea or initiative to internal stakeholders
  • Business managers who want to present a report of findings, articulate an approach, or put forth a call for action


The workshop fee is includes lunch and tea/coffee. Special pricing is available for workshops to be conducted on-premise exclusively for your company.