Our Story

My name is Nitin Kulkarni and I started Elevo Consulting in 2009. Through the latter part of my career of 25 years in the corporate world I was troubled by the fact that in spite of consuming large budgets, corporate training seldom produced the desired results. My personal experience as a corporate citizen was that I acquired new skills most effectively in two situations:

  1. Working with accomplished managers who demonstrated the new skills through their behaviour and coached me on how to apply those skills
  2. Attending training programs where I could relate the new skills to my work environment, and where I got immediate help to apply the skills

The former is a matter of luck, since there aren’t too many accomplished coach-managers in today’s organizations. Most senior managers and leaders either don’t have the time to coach their people, or simply do not have the skills to do so.

However the effectiveness of training programs can and should be increased significantly and this is what I have been doing through Elevo Consulting over the last few years. My approach has been simple – conduct programs with a passion for results. The Elevo approach to training is therefore highly focused on application.

The results of our work so far have been very gratifying – because our clients and the participants of our workshops are telling us that we are helping them produce superior business results.

If you are facing challenges in your organization that relate to problems of candour, collaboration, or communication, please contact us. There is a good chance that we can help you improve your results. Often addressing these 3 C’s effectively can transform your organization.