Do nice guys finish last?

Yes they do. So who finishes first? The surprising answer is nice guys finish first as well! Is there a clear difference between the nice guys who finish first, and the nice guys who finish last? You bet there is.

An impressive elevator pitch

One lesson I learnt early on with regard to client presentations was that you always get less time than planned to make the pitch. Sometimes a 30 minute session can get crunched to 10 or even 5 minutes, and the

Remote: office not required

I am a big fan of Jason Fried and his company 37 Signals. They are unconventional, do not hesitate to break from convention, and talk a lot of sense. Jason has written a few books that talk about his experiences

Simple or Simplistic?

“I am very frustrated with my team. These guys can never find a simplistic solution to any problem” moaned someone I met recently at a large dinner party. Why would anyone want a simplistic solution to anything? Simple is good,

Summary first

I am reading Bill Bryson’s unbelievably entertaining “Notes from a Big Country”. This book is a collection of essays about the US of A. The essay “Wide Open Spaces” starts thus: Here are a couple of things to bear in

The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style is a style guide for writing in the English language. A timeless classic, this book was written by William Strunk almost a century ago, in 1918. The book had continued to be a handy reference for

The Men Who Killed Gandhi

I normally recommend only business books on this blog, but recently decided to include non-fiction books that I like as well. And near the top of that list is “The Men Who Killed Gandhi” by Manohar Malgonkar. This book was

What Can a Murder Mystery Teach You About Business Writing?

I grew up reading lots of murder mysteries. Agatha Christie was one of my favorites, and one of my enduring childhood memories is that of Hercule Poirot in the movie “Murder on the Orient Express”. When I started teaching business

Mavericks at Work

Red Lake, a Canadian gold mining company was struggling to find the most optimum drilling locations in its recently acquired 55,000 acre mining area. The maverick CEO decided to use the power of open source thinking to tap into the

Irreverence is Powerful…and Fun

Irreverence is a two edged sword when used on public websites and if done well, it can help you build a loyal audience. My friend Amit often orders food from a fast growing, upstart fast food chain called Faasos. One