Our Approach

Businesses around the world are investing huge sums of money on behavioral training programs, but most such programs do not produce the desired results. There are two main reasons for this problem.

  1. Translating workshop concepts into day to day action is not straightforward. Real life situations are often complex, and each one differs from the other, making it harder for the participants to apply the new skills.
  2. Behavior change requires more than will power on the part of the individual. Research has shown that there are several other factors that inhibit behavior change. Therefore to facilitate the application of the new concepts, the organization needs to create an ecosystem of mentoring and feedback that can enable the new behaviors to be practiced and learnt.

Elevo workshops include a heavy dose of case studies, role plays, and examples from the real work environment of the participants. This enables them to get started on the right path, which creates a motivation to use the new skills. We also work with senior management to create an environment that facilitates constant mentoring and feedback to strengthen the desired behaviors.

Our highly experienced trainer works 1-on-1 with the participants after the workshop to coach them through the initial phase, and to help them deal with the more complex situations.