Irreverence is Powerful…and Fun

Irreverence is a two edged sword when used on public websites and if done well, it can help you build a loyal audience.

My friend Amit often orders food from a fast growing, upstart fast food chain called Faasos. One day he decided to check out their website to see if he could order online. Sure enough they have a website that allows customers to order online and have the food delivered. However what Amit found on their website made him chuckle, and he fell in love with these guys for their irreverence. When I looked at it, I did too!

Sample this:

5 Reasons to Order Online

  1. It won’t kill you
  2. This whole internet thing is not just some passing fad
  3. Your wretched boss has had his eye on you all day and you can’t slip out
  4. Why move if you can help it?
  5. You’re smart… make one up

Or this from their “BLAH about Faaso’s” page

Faaso’s was born in Pune circa 2003 out of a late night conversation (not dry, of course, and hence we didn’t remember the next morning why we had called it Faaso’s). As you can see, we are lousy writers, our pedigree in food was nothing better – we looked back 5 generations and did not find anyone who had ever run a restaurant in our family tree.

Don’t you just love these guys? It also helps that their food is awesome!


One comment on “Irreverence is Powerful…and Fun
  1. Parag says:

    Good one Nitin!

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