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Don’t reach out to me; contact me

Clutter is one of the worst enemies of good writing. Scores of new expressions creep into our language every year, and help us say in ten words what we could say in five. This morning I received an out of

The main idea of your document

Hands on writing assignments are a very important part of my business writing workshops, which are based on a top down document structure – the Pyramid Principle. The assignments start with a simple question – What is the main idea

Problem solving and presentation

Structuring business documents in a top down pyramid of ideas is the easiest and most powerful way to improve clarity of the documents. This is the central theme of a workshop I conduct based on Barbara Minto’s pyramid principle. Over

Clarify your thinking before you write

It is amazing how endemic poor writing is around the business world. Poorly written web pages, white papers, proposals, memos, marketing collateral, and even simple emails are a surprisingly common occurrence. Why is it so? The most common cause of